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Ţibău Tourist Guide
Pagina dintr-un traseu pe drum forestier Pagina dintr-un traseu de picior Harta Tibau, 1:48000 28x23 cm
No pollution, clear valleys surrounded by grassy fields, endless coniferous forests, long crests with
imposing rocks surrounded by generous alpine meadows, plenty of cranberries, raspberries, wild
strawberries and mushrooms, easy to reach heights between 1000 and 1400m, friendly, honest and
hardworking natives at the junction of two cultures, dozens of legends never before heard of, rural
festivities that have not changed for centuries, as well as visible reminders of the two world wars: the
forgotten Austrian or Russian soldiers burial grounds, trenches, casemates carved in rock and shell
holes filled with cranberries. These are just a few of the riches the Ţibău mountain has to offer to you.
Located in a high-interest tourist area, on a road that links the Maramureş area to the Bucovina
monasteries, the Ţibău mountain is a practically unknown land. It is not because it is neighbored by the
impressive Rodnei mountains, or by the legendary Rarău. There is little to no information about Ţibău
due to the fact that it is situated near the former U. S. S. R. border, which was until recently a restricted
area, for tourists as well as scientists. The Ţibău tourist guide is the result of a long and difficult
research process which aims to shine a spotlight on this exceptionally beautiful area.
The Ţibău mountain stands out because of its favorable location, a landmark
for both famous Romanian provinces, Maramureş and Bucovina, and also for
the northern tourist centers: Săpânţa, Sighetul, Borşa, Câmpulung
Moldovenesc, Vatra Dornei, Suceava. Ţibău is a good starting point if you plan
on visiting monasteries or hermitages nearby: Voroneţ, Putna, Moldoviţa,
Suceviţa, Humor, or the not as famous Orata, Sf. Vasile, Rarău. The area is
abundant as far as valuable, less known shrines are concerned.
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